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Advancing well-being and health through education, awareness, and dedicated funding.”

Our Key Initiative

Fostering Futures of Wisconsin

Our primary initiative, ‘Fostering Futures of Wisconsin,’ focuses on supporting trauma-informed care (TIC) programs. These programs are essential in recognizing and addressing trauma symptoms, thereby playing a pivotal role in the lives of children and the community. Our aim is to nurture resilience and provide supportive care through these specialized programs.

The Violet Society

Our Fundraising Pillar

The Violet Society, named after Wisconsin’s state flower, the Common Blue Violet, is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. This exclusive group of compassionate women contributes $1,000 annually to support our grants for TIC programs. Through their generous support, we are able to make significant strides in trauma-informed care.

Events Highlight: Members of The Violet Society enjoy a series of informative and social events throughout the year, fostering a community of shared commitment and support.

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