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For 26 years the Workplace Bullying Institute has focused on the prevention and correction of abusive conduct at work through education of targets & the public, training of professionals, creation of evidence-based solutions for organizations and unions, research by WBI and others, and advocacy for a new law.

What is workplace bullying?

WBI definition: workplace bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment by one or more employees of an employee: abusive conduct that takes the form of verbal abuse; or behaviors perceived as threatening, intimidating, or humiliating; work sabotage; or in some combination of the above.
Abuse at work is the only form of abuse in America that is not yet taboo. All other forms have been condemned – abuse of children, spouses, partners – while bullying at work is still considered a normal, inevitable or even a necessary business practice.

Free information for bullied individuals and their families

We started listening to bullied targets in 1997. The founders, Drs. Ruth and…

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WBI’s Signature Training

85 GB of resources full presentation + narrated slides for individuals…

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Dr. Gary Namie, Director of the Workplace Bullying Institute

85 GB of resources full presentation + narrated slides for individuals…

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Toxic Workplaces

Toxicity also is hazardous to the bottom line with costly turnover…

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Wipe Out Workplace Bulling

Voices of HR Podcast host, Berta Aldrich, is joined by WBI Director, Dr. Gary Namie, and Suffolk Law School…

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How normalized has workplace bullying become?


of adult Americans are bullied at work

million workers affected

of bullying is same-gender bullying


of remote workers are bullied

Unrivaled U.S. experience and expertise.Over a quarter century of wisdom harnessed to help.

Since 1997, the Workplace Bullying Institute has led the charge with comprehensive, evidence-based, practical solutions for individuals, unions, employers, & lawmakers. Learn more about the extent of workplace bullying and practical solutions for prevention and awareness from the co-founder and Director of WBI, Dr. Gary Namie.

Our Comprehensive Menu of Research-Driven Resources and Services

Resources for Targets of Bullying: You’re Not Alone

WBI Research

The new, 2021 U.S. WBI Workplace Bullying Survey is now available for download and study. This national scientific survey was funded by gracious…

Our prior national, scientific WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying surveys from 2007-2017, along with the entire collection of WBI online studies, self-selected..

And WBI Does More …

Everyone agrees: there ought to be a law. The WBI Healthy Workplace Bill is the boldest proposed change to U.S…

Now in its second year, the Workplace Bullying Podcast™, showcases the reality of workplace bullying and abusive…

The Bully at Work:
What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job

For Bullied Targets/Individuals & Their Families

The Bully-Free Workplace:
Stop Jerks, Weasels, and Snakes from Killing Your Organization

For Anti-Bullying Champions in Organizations