At Trademark Heart, we simplify and navigate the complexities of trademark law, empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to protect and build their legacy brands with confidence and ease.

About Tim Hodgkiss

Spreading happiness, joy, and relentless positivity wherever I go!
Hi There! I’m Tim Hodgkiss, and I’m not your average Intellectual Property (IP) attorney. My diverse industry experience equips me to transform the labyrinth of IP law into a straightforward path for my clients, whether they’re start-ups taking their first steps or established Fortune 500 giants. I’m committed to making the complex simple, helping clients maximize the potential of their intellectual assets.

Embracing my unique and somewhat eccentric personality, I’ve kicked self-doubt and insecurities to the curb. Whether I’m unpacking the complexities of patents in electrical and mechanical technology spheres or interacting with my online community on YouTube and Instagram, I infuse every moment with humor and positivity.

In essence, I’m Tim Hodgkiss, an IP attorney with a heart for humor and a passion for demystifying the world of patents and trademarks.

Trademark Services with a Heart

Expertise Across Multiple Disciplines
With a background in electrical engineering, business, and law, Tim Hodgkiss brings a multifaceted understanding to every client interaction. This cross-disciplinary expertise allows Trademark Heart to approach trademark issues from unique angles and provide solutions that others may overlook.
Personalized, Straightforward Counsel
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Heart and Passion
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Comprehensive Services
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