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The Miralon Difference

Effective and Proprietary Formulation

Miralon is a proprietary formulation of top-quality broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp, combined with Sebrium DCD™, a natural extract indigenous to South Africa. Both ingredients have been processed for increased bioavailability to ensure the most efficacious and absorbable product available in this category.

Medically Developed.

Miralon was developed by a renowned sports medicine physician at the NY Hospital of Special Surgery.

Clinically Studied.

40 retired NFL players participated in a clinical study to see if Miralon could be prove to relieve pain. All of the participants in the study reported pain relief and reduced usage of NSAIDs, opioids, and anti-inflammatory medications.

Customer Favorites

Quality ingredients. Real results.

Meet the doctor who developed Miralon.

Miralon was developed by renowned sports medicine physician, Vijay Vad MD (New York Hospital for Special Surgery) who supervised a study on a group of retired NFL players.

Proven results by a medically-supervised clinical study with retired NFL players.

Under supervision of Vijay Vad, MD, 40 retired NFL players were monitored and showed improvement with sleep, pain, anxiety, and most importantly – decreased use of NSAIDS, opioids and anti-inflammatory medications.

Proprietary Formulation.

Miralon is the most effective product containing CBD available in the market today.

Tom McManus

Retired NFL Player

"Since taking Miralon CBD, I am now pain-free and do not need my other pain medication."

Real people with proven results.

Jordan K.

Miralon Subscriber

"Miralon has changed my quality of life and I feel happier, healthier, and refreshed."

High-Quality Ingredients

Miralon is certified within Department of Agriculture guidelines that are top-of-the-class in the Hemp/CBD market.

Maximum Bioavailability

The ingredients in Miralon are put through a proprietary process, making them up to 8x more absorbable into the bloodstream.

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

All Miralon products are manufactured at a leading FDA-approved facility and contain no GMOs nor gluten.