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In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, many business leaders feel the pressure of staying ahead, understandably so! Whether you’re trying to understand the latest security updates or navigating your role as a present leader to help grow your team, it can be overwhelming to take it all on.

While your passion for leadership is clear, the intricacies of cybersecurity might cause difficulties in growing your team or business even further. As an educator, security company founder, and researcher, I help bridge the gap and ensure you don’t just manage security threats, but master them.

My goal is to answer your burning questions, address vulnerabilities, and demystify the world of tech security. By providing clear, actionable insights, I help you make informed decisions for your organization, setting you on a trajectory not only to safeguard your company but also to elevate your own professional career.

Interested In Working Together?

Security Trainings

Concise and relevant trainings on security topics that matter most to you, we eliminate the need for exhaustive research through more hands-on practice. Each training is backed with credible resources to ensure you’re equipped for future reference.

Security Strategy

Leadership in the world of security is riddled with challenges, from managing finances to navigating the intricacies of communication. Our Security Strategy consultations are specifically tailored to address these exact pain points.

About Jason Wood

As the founder of Paladin Security, established in 2016, Jason initially offered technical assistance and security testing work. However, following a hiatus, he’s renewed his commitment to the world of security, rebranding with a focus on security strategy and advising.

Jason’s shift to security consulting wasn’t just a business move. He deeply cares about protecting businesses, especially after witnessing the harm caused by attackers who profit from extortion and theft. He’s especially dedicated to helping smaller security teams, guiding them on where to focus their efforts to best defend against threats.

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