Who We Are

Great Lakes Advisory has worked with a wide range of businesses throughout the US and Canada. We help companies like yours optimize processes and elevate employee performance through top-notch training. By working with us, your business will receive the right operational tools to increase your bottom line and improve your industry standing.

Why Processes Matter

The Benefits of Streamlined Processes

Without Streamlined Processes

Businesses face low productivity, unclear expectations, and fewer repeat customers.

Without taking action

Disorganization, lower morale, decreased revenue, and wasted time are common consequences.

At Great Lakes Advisory

We help businesses establish consistency, align employees with their vision, and increase employee engagement and retention. With our expertise in process optimization, your business will benefit from improved customer service, increased revenue, and a more productive team.

Great Lakes Advisory offers business process improvement consulting services that are aimed at advancing your core processes and ultimately optimizing the efficiency of your business

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Ready to Lead Your Team Into the Future?

How Great Lakes Advisory Works For You


We will document your current processes and assess them for functionality.


After we’ve assessed your processes, we will create practical action plans to boost productivity and performance.


We will create and deliver custom training playbooks to elevate your employees.


We have a collection of proven ready-to-use trainings for your staff.


We will find current areas of strength and boost performance wherever needed through strategies tailored to your business.

You can elevate your employees at a reduced cost when you choose Great Lakes Advisory.

Benefits of Our Employee Training and Process Optimization

Great Lakes Advisory provides tailored training and reference materials for employees, as well as clearly-defined SOPs and automated training for streamlined onboarding.

Our process optimization solutions result in high-performance operations that are easily replicated, with limited errors, increased productivity, and employee commitment to effective processes. Productive delegation of responsibilities and enhanced post-sale continuity lead to repeated success.

By partnering with us, your company will experience a boost in employee performance, operational efficiency, and post-sale success.