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What We Do

At Emerald Consulting Partners we help our clients seize opportunities, complete projects, and even overcome temporary cash flow challenges.

We specialize in providing short term capital with defined repayment terms, typically correlating to finalization of a larger debt facility. Our typical investment period is 3 to 9 months.
Our services are designed to bridge your financial gaps, allowing you to focus on your growth and success. Our offerings are versatile and customizable, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. As long as the opportunity aligns with your vision and makes financial sense, we are ready to step in and be of assistance.

What Truly Sets Us Apart?

Our commitment to our clients and our combined experience over 50+ years in lending and start ups. We go beyond just providing cheaper bridge lending than our competitors; we care deeply about each client, ensuring we work directly with all involved institutions for a seamless, efficient process that genuinely takes care of our clients’ needs.

At Emerald Consulting Partners, we pride ourselves on our core values of Integrity, Flexibility, Reliability, Collaboration, and Innovation. These values guide us in every transaction we handle and every relationship we build.






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About Emerald Consulting Partners

Emerald Consulting Partners was born from a simple observation: temporary financial gaps are universal, and often, traditional big banks are not agile enough to provide timely help. With nearly two decades of experience in the finance industry, we sought to create a solution. Therefore, Emerald Consulting Partners was founded and is now committed to empowering our clients by navigating these financial gaps with tailored solutions.

We are passionate about serving entrepreneurs and companies that are already at a large scale.

Our mission is to provide our clients with customized financing solutions during their transition periods, ensuring stability and liquidity between the gap and their long-term financial solution.